Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted Tablecloths

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• Includes kick pleats • Easy to use • Comes in over 50 colors • Machine washable • Wrinkle-free • Custom print or digital logos can be imprinted onto the fabric Our fitted table cloths fit on and off tables easily. The most important part of the product is its kick pleats. We manufacture each of our skirts with 4 kick pleats that extend from the floor to the top of the table. We custom cut and sew any size tablecloth for standard square and rectangle tables. Fitted table linens are easier to use than table skirting because table skirting takes more time to put on the table and requires more resources. Fitted table linen is easier to put onto remove from the table, without sacrificing the dressed-up look of table skirting. We offer over 50 colors, and can print any custom photos or logos that you would like to be imprinted onto the fabric. We incorporate pictures and custom designs by using a full three thread finish of spun poly threads. The fitted tablecloth is convenient because it can cover the top of the buffet table. All our products are made with built-in soil release, which protects the quality of our fabric and allows for the color to last. When placing an order, be sure to check the height and width of the table. If the table is going to be on wheels, make sure that the height of the table is measured from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the table. Our tablecloths are wrinkle-free, and can be machine washed in hot or cold water. Make sure that when drying, no bleach or color fasteners are put onto the fabric.