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Spandex Stretch-Elastic Fitted Table Cloths

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Spandex tablecloths are still one of the hottest selling items. As the name itself is actually a Trademarked name. The inventor was Joe Shivers and while working at DuPont. The fibers are synthetic and if made to spec are stronger then rubber. As the name implies the spandex is called as such for its ability to expand. After its debut in the clothing industry around 1962, it would take almost 50 years before tables of all sizes and shapes were covered with the most durable of fabrics. The growth of spandex in the event business has been marred by substandard product passed off as the original. The proliferation of the lower quality products have in fact helped those who refused to marginalize the one and only. Our spandex products are of the exact specs which are standardized by Spandex house. We are known far and wide for offering the very best in elastic stretch fitted tablecloths. We make each cover by hand custom tailoring each one to ensure the quality. There are many reasons to avoid low cost stretch suppliers. The wear and tear on the lesser grade spandex which might be a 2 way stretch will not keep the integrity of fabric and will tear with ease. Wash in warm water, cold rinse. No color fasteners or Bleach. Hang dry No flat iron.