International Shipping

How to Place an International Order Using Freight Forwarding

Para el español: Juan Menjivar 516 239-6581 or Email: has customers all over the world: South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Shipping overseas, or even to our neighbors Canada and Mexico, can be very complicated. So our international customers use freight forwarders. A freight forwarding service makes it easy to shop with us no matter where you are located. They are the link between the domestic deliveries we make in the U.S. and the international deliveries you need to get your purchase. They will charge a fee to you to cover all the brokerage, customs and duty fees, shipping and logistics, and paperwork needed to ship an item internationally.

Here is how to purchase from

If you are shipping to a country outside of the U.S., we describe each step in more detail after this section.

  • Select a freight forwarding company.
  • To save time, write a list of the items you may want to purchase before you call.
  • Call us at 516 239 6581 and a sales expert will help you with your order.
  • All International orders must be placed by telephone. Emails and phone calls are conducted in English.
  • The minimum order total is US$500, not including shipping.
  • Arrange for payment of your order. Most international orders are paid via wire transfer.
  • Give us the address of your freight forwarding company.

You can also request a Quote from us before you buy. Call us or email us at with a list of the items you would like to purchase. Please include the SKU ID number (this number is found on the product’s web page under the product specifications), the quantity of each item, and the U.S. address of your freight forwarder. We will then send a quote back to you.

Step by Step Instructions for Placing an International Order

Attention: All international orders must be placed by telephone.

Before you place your order

Select a reputable freight forwarding company located in the United States. You may have friends who can recommend a company. Or go to forwarders website for help in finding a freight forwarder.. When you find one you like, they will explain the steps to get your items to you and give you an idea of the costs to use their service. They will also give you the shipping information that we will need later.

Browse our website and select items you want. Then either print out the page where the item is shown or write down the Name of the item, it’s Product Number, the name of the Manufacturer, and a brief Description. Be sure to include Quantity, Colors, Sizes and other important information. This will save you time when you make your order. Do not place your order online or via email. We can only accept international orders made by telephone.

If you are not sure of what you want, that is no problem. When you call, our expert sales people will be glad to help you decide on which item will be best for you.

Our minimum International order amount is US$500. Decide on how you wish to pay for your purchase. Most of our International customers pay via wire transfer. We will accept Credit Card purchases if the Credit Card is from a U.S. bank and the account has a U.S. billing address.

When you are ready to place your order

Call us at 516 239 6581(the same time as New York), Monday through Friday. Phone calls and emails are conducted in English, or Spanish, or Italian. Please ask questions. All of our sales people are trained experts. It is their job to make sure you get exactly what you need.

When you have decided on all of your items, it will take only a few more minutes to finish

  • We will need the name, U.S. shipping address, and other information about your freight forwarder.
  • Your Order Total must add up to a minimum of US$500.00. The Total includes the price of your items, plus estimated shipping costs to your freight forwarder. If there are other costs, your sales person will explain those. Your Total does not include the costs of your freight forwarding service.
  • If you are paying via wire transfer, we will send an email listing the information we need. Your bank will charge a fee for a wire transfer which you are responsible for paying. We cannot ship your items until we have received the wire order which usually takes about 3 or 4 business days.
  • If you are paying by valid U.S. credit card with a U.S. billing address, we can take that information over the phone and complete your order at that time.
  • We will give you an approximate date of when your freight forwarder will receive your shipment.
  • We will email a confirmation of your order and a copy of your invoice to you.

If you have no other questions, we are finished! Thank you!

If we have questions later on, we will contact you.

We will not change anything on your order without your permission.

Once your transaction is complete

We will contact your freight forwarder and let them know when your order should arrive at their U.S. address. When your freight forwarder receives your order, they will make sure the delivery is accurate and inspect it for damage. After that point, your freight forwarder is in charge of getting your order to you. Please contact them if you have any questions about your delivery. It is their responsibility to fill out all paperwork, pay for customs and duties, and arrange for international shipping from the U.S. to your address. Thank you for your interest in how to make an international order with If you have other questions, please feel free to ask us.